10 things to do in Péniche, Portugal

Excited once again to see another leg of the World Surf League, we booked (back in May) to stay right on Supertubos Beach, ready for some insane action of the surfing world tour. Well…that didn’t quite go to plan.

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the pro’s, the swell was only around for the start of the event window, meaning they smashed out the comp and were all done literally the day before we arrived. Missed by an inch, missed by a mile. Damn it. So instead of me writing a post about the Rip Curl Pro, dive in and check out our 10 things to do in Péniche, Portugal.

1. Stay on Supertubos Beach

Down the south end of Supertubos beach is the Supertubos Beach Hostel, run by Louis and his crew. With a view of the surf from our rooms, we could wake up in the morning, surf check and be in the water a couple of minutes later. A ten minute drive from Péniche town, location is to die for right on the beach. With board and wetsuit hire, don’t hesitate to get amongst here, it’s a guest house full of fun. Check out the booking availability HERE.

2. Go for a surf

There’s no way you’d come to Péniche and not give surfing a go. Wether you’re an experienced shredder or just keen to get involved, there’s tons of spots to get deep in the green room. No worries if you haven’t got your own equipment, you can hire it almost anywhere along the beach.

3. Watch a killer sunset

Anywhere along the west coast of Europe and you’re in for one hell of a sunset and the ones we saw in Peniche were definitely up there. Epic sunset with a drink in hand – whats not to love.

4. Go to the fish markets & buy fresh seafood

Right in Péniche town, you’ve got the fish markets. With amazing fresh fruit, veg and all things seafood, take your pick and watch them prepare it right there in front of you. You won’t find a fresher fish. Bloody cheap too.

5. Check out the pancake rocks

Out on the point of Péniche town you can find rock formations which literally look like a stack of pancakes (without the maple syrup and leaning on the piss too). Take some snaps and enjoy the view into the vast Atlantic Ocean.

6. Have lunch at Bukubaki

This is a must. The Eco Surf Lodge of Bukubaki is located 15minutes out of Péniche. Have lunch, skate the bowl, swim in the pool and just relax in the eco vibes. With accomodation and surf lesson packages available, this place is a game changer. We ripped the bowl for a few hours, hiring a skateboard on site for 10 euro. Luckily we all walked away without a scratch. Yeeew.

Wanna stay here? Click this link to check availability

8. Visit the Buddha gardens

A 30 minute drive out of Péniche towards Lisbon are some amazing gardens filled with hundreds of different carvings and statues. Not usually our thing but something fun and different to do, for only 4euros per person it’s well worth a visit. Perfect for when the waves are flat.

7. Day trip to Obidos

Close to the Buddha gardens is a town called Obidos. A fortified village like many others in Europe with that perfect fairy tale charm too. Spend time looking in all the little shops and make sure to do a loop around the top of the wall because the view is killer.

9. ‘Cantina de Ferrel’ in Baleal for dinner

With a group of 10, we booked in advance. Cantina de Ferrel is a popular restaurant in the neighbouring town of Baleal which serves epic Italian food. No jokes it’s one of the best pizzas I’ve had in Europe. Bloody cheap and the house red wine was a winner too.

10. Have a drink or three

In the Beleal beach car park you’ll see some beach shacks right up on the sand. Pop inside from 9pm onwards and watch it turn from your local restaurant into a vibing bar/nightclub. We watched the live band for hours and danced all night. Such a chill spot to get drunk and enjoy a few beers, plus with everything so cheap, it’s hard to say no.

Having transport is a must in Peniche, click the link below to book a rental car just like we did.

Peniche really is a chill and simple surf town but with lots to see and do too. Give yourself a few days to enjoy this spot & we promise you wont regret it!








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  • Same thing happened to my partner and I at Teahupoo last year! We had the perfect plan!!! We were set to do some work experience out on the water with the pros (we are Physios) and we were staying on the beach right in front of the break. BUT because of the silly flight times we decided to stay in NZ with my family (my Mum Ruth is friends with your Mum Sharon btw) for a night stopover on the way from the Sunshine Coast, Aus. The waves were going to die out and they finished the comp in a record time of 3 days. And our favourite local Julian was the champ! We missed the final by an hour and arrived at the break as all the cars were pulling out. Still an amazing holiday though!