10 ways to fill ya piggie bank

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it does buy you a plane ticket and who wouldn’t want that? We all know the most stressful part of an unforgettable overseas experience is having enough money right?! Well your not wrong, you don’t want to fall short and miss out on that one festival you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine money is like a river infested with crocs and only a few people have boats. If your anything like me, you’ve been swimming that river week by week and somehow survived. But fear not, the boat isn’t far and luckily I’ve spent the last six months swimming my way to a plane ticket, so I’m gonna give it to you straight… heres my top 10 ways to fill ya piggie bank.

You’ve decided to take the plunge and give that “dont give a fuck” attitude the flick. First of all, you’ll need to pick a bank, preferably one that won’t get robbed…then open a savings account that will give you the interest rates you deserve. If you feel like you’ll spend the money willy nilly, then choose a different bank from your usual one and throw away the key (card). That way you can’t withdraw the money on the spot. Set yourself a saving target and start shooting.

10 ways to fill ya piggie bank:

  1. Work your ass off. You want a job and you want to keep it, so no sleeping in after a big taka Thursday out with the lads, there will be plenty of time for that when your old and cenile.
  2. Move back home. As painful as it is to leave the homies at “the flat,” it’s well worth it. And let’s be honest here, even though she’s as nutty as a fruitcake, your mums cooking is better than yours… Much better.
  3.  Make your lunch. Standard tradie tactic. Just think of it this way, a chicken and mayo sandwich made by yours truly has obvious benefits over the dodgy “steak” pie from Mrs Wangs bakery.
  4. Gather your shit. Decide what you want to sell and what you want to keep, then sell it all. No use hanging onto those dusty golf clubs in the back of the shed. Trade me and Facebook is your secret weapon when selling all your shit. (Girls try THE FACTORY MARKETS to sell your clothes, Leah sold half her life there).
  5. Don’t buy stupid shit. The days of walking into the tattoo shop and getting some impromptu ink of a wave or such objects are over. Keep every dime you have and if you don’t have any, walk with your head down, I’m sure you’ll find some.
  6. When buying clothes. Be tactical. No I’m not going to say you can’t, but when you do, think of where your going and what you’ll need, it may be winter where you are now, but your most likely heading into summer and you don’t want to be that guy wearing a puffer in Ibiza.
  7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Ritual Ponsonby Fridays and 4am Saturday dance battles at 1885 are long gone, but don’t stress, your money will be well spent getting “lost in Lagos” on a 7 day bender, and no work Monday.
  8. Pick your nights. Although the consecutive big weekends are done and dusted, relieve the FOMO by picking a few big events or gigs before you leave… Just don’t get all Charlie sheen on it, 7 gram rocks won’t get you to Europe. For up coming events in Auckland check out the WE MOUVE Facebook page
  9. Don’t be a sucker mother fucker. This is a genuine concern amoungst single blokes trying to save. When you’re who knows how many deep, in a bottle of soco, and the girl you just met is hinting for another bevvy, pick up your game rather than your wallet. She’s got a short term goal and it’s not getting in the back of an uber with you.
  10. Don’t drown in a sea of doubt. Choose something more tempting to do than going out. Perfect piha A frame barrels on a Sunday morning will keep your wallet full and see it safe to live another day. Convince your mates to join you so the fear of not missing the “night of your life” is gone. Don’t drown, float your way to a healthy looking bank balance.

Still not convinced?? Look at it like this, the way the New Zealand house market is shaping up, your going to be spending your life savings for a deposit on a leaky, meth infested house… Or living in Invercargill… And by that time, you’re too old for the classic kiwi O.E, staying in hostels, under the stars or a home on wheels. That just won’t cut it when you’ve got protruding grey hair, a nagging wife and too many responsibilities to leave behind.

Gain your experience in life through travel, meeting forever friends and experiencing what this crazy world has to offer. So if you’re serious about living the dream, throw away your key (card) and climb aboard the boat. Take these tips and you’ll be wealthier than a man with a billion dollars.

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