A guide to Mykonos, Greece

Stepping off the ferry onto the island of Mykonos as our second destination in the Greek Islands, sun beaming and ready for a bit of party party. After a few well needed R&R days in Santorini, click HERE for the blog, and realising we did the islands backwards (read below) it was time to let the hair down and let loose. Off the boat and into the shuttle bus, we headed for Paraga Beach Hostel for 3 nights. We were lucky enough to get a room to ourselves (6 of us) which was like a shed with bamboo walls for effect. The hostel is literally on Paraga beach and has its own pool, yeew, didn’t take us long to settle in and make friends with a couple of Aussie lads from Melbourne. 

Please note: Before you even book anything, firstly figure out the order of the islands you want to do. Also keep in mind the ferry costs to and from the islands. They were more expensive than we anticipated, probably because we only booked a few days in advance but each ferry cost us around €50-€70, that’s around $75-$110 NZD! Nuts! So book as soon as you can to try save costs.

Paraga beach hostelI highly recommend this place. Situated on the left end of Paraga beach, there’s a variety of sleeping options for whatever you need. There’s camping too!  It has its own pool, bar, restaurant and bakery, there’s always something open if you get the munchies. The set up screams island vibes, all open layout with music pumping all day every day. A minutes walk and you’re at any beach club on Paraga beach. There’s even a BYO alcohol sections in the “takeaway” area where you can drink your cheap beers, wine or whatever your drop is. Keep in mind these need to be brought at the mini mart next to the hostel. 

Paradise beach resort although we didn’t stay here, it is very similar to Paraga beach except you are right on the central party beach. A bit more pricey so doesn’t scream cheap traveller. Easy access to the beach bars and night clubs, you’ll be up all night long!!

Check out hostelworld.com for the best deals on hostels. Alternatively Booking.com and Airbnb are your best bet If you’re looking for the more chilled island vibe or private room type of buzz. Staying at these beaches or in Mykonos town, you won’t be disappointed.

Hey hey guys, from us to you an epic deal below.

Take in the vibe – Being on an island means you have a free pass to be as lazy as you want. A few beers by the pool, the girl Dj playing house every weekend, and everyone on the same vibe, it felt good to be surrounded by young people, enjoying life. Weather you want to go hard or just take it easy and enjoy the vibe, it’s all at your doorstep. 

Munch on a gyros – As the sun started to drop in the blue Mediterranean sky, we caught the bus 10 minutes into Mykonos town for a few beers and a gyros. Hanging out with the Aussie lads, jake and jake, it didn’t take them long to start giving us kiwis shit and vice versa. It started with how to pronounce “gyros”. Being a fresh word into Our vocabulary, naturally we got it wrong. Instead of being “guy-ros” it’s pronounced “you-ros” and trust me if your on a budget like us, get nice and familiar with the word, it’ll not only save you money but also a funny look from the greecy Greek man behind the counter. Your probably wondering what the bloody fuck a gyros is. Well, it’s the way they cook the meat, basically a kebab kind of thing. We always got the pita gyros which usually comes with fries, chicken, tomato and tzatziki inside, yum and they range from €2 – €4. Cheap as chips!

Grab a beer – After smashing a gyros, we headed for the seediest looking bar out there. No, it wasn’t the flashing neon lights that caught our eyes it was the cheap as fuck drinks. First round, two beers, some chick drink for Leah and two tequila shots. €14. Easy. Many more rounds the same, some good chat and we were well on our way to a good night. The place was called “Mex”, they literally have the cheapest drinks we’ve seen so far and Leah’s chick drink was easily a 50/50 mix. Someone’s tryna get my girlfriend drunk… On ya.

Hire a quad – We hired quads for 24 hours which is actually quite hard to do in Mykonos. Most places have a 3 day minimum rule so we settled for the dodgiest man in town. 3 quads, €110 euro. 1 day. Compared to our quads in Santorini, these 80cc two-stroke things were shit, and I mean shit! It felt like Leah and I were riding a snail, we took off up the hill and about 1km later we look down, “WTF”, “our wheels gonna fall off”, it’s wobbling all over the place, we whack a 180 and swap the quad for another. So dodgy i’m not gonna recommend it, but it was cheap and we take what we can get.

Panormos beach – We missioned on the quads to a reasonably secluded beach called Panormos where the loungers we €50 a pop! Feeling cheap, as always, we found a nice and comfortable bit of sand to drop our dirty towels onto and just chill for a few hours. Being Aussie surf life savers and in Europe, jake and jake whipped out their “budgey smugglers”, not my thing but whatever your into. Your actually the minority if you’re wearing shorts… Weird.

Ornos beach – Wild and windy on one side of the island, we found Ornos beach which was protected from the wind. Thinking we were smart, we turned up to find everyone had the same idea. Thousands of people flocked to this beach, and we could see why. Clear blue water and piping hot sun, the tanners were out in full force. This is also the place we realised it was gay pride week in Mykonos. Let’s just say it wasn’t hard to tell. Mykonos is also considered the male gay capital of the world, which we also didn’t know – but hey, thats the beauty of it, everyones just there doing there own thing and enjoying every second.

Mykonos windmills by day and at sunset – If your keen for a few touristy things or your bored of the beach, venture to the windmills. Old school windmills from the iconic pictures you might have seen and a pretty sweet view of Mykonos port, it’s worth a look. Perfect by day and at sunset, nowhere near as busy as Santorini which is good! You can sit right on the rocks and watch that beaming fireball slowly drop in the night sky or walk amongst the windmills with a coin donation. Somehow Leah and I became a sensation amongst the Asian tourists as they all started taking photos of us posing like muppets… 15 seconds of fame.

Paradise beach for party party – If you stay at Paraga beach, Paradise beach is just around the corner. We walked there in ten minutes over the rocks and down onto the beach. Not our finest hour being drunk as skunks, but we managed just fine. This is the best way as you can choose the club you want by genre of music and just walk in. No security at this end its easy. Paradise Beach Club and Paradiso are the more exclusive clubs which have a door charge. Paradise being around €20 and Paradiso (the one at the far end on the hill) anywhere up to €100 euro. If you can fathom the money it would be well worth it, otherwise pick a beach club, get up on a table and fist pump your way to the sunrise.  Defiantly make this a priority in Mykonos and its epic night life.

Mykonos Old Town – Take time to walk the little cobble streets of Mykonos Old Town. There are many shops, cafes, gelato stores and bars to check out. The narrow pathways make you feel like you’re in Greece, with the blue doors and balconys all around you. Whether you buy something or are just having a wander, this is a must.


  • Remember to hire a quad or scooter and don’t forget to check the wheels wont fall off and drive on the right hand side.
  • Save money by filling up on a Gyros pita and drinks for the supermarket.
  • Dont peak too early as the main bars and clubs (especially paradise beach) don’t kick off until a bit after midnight.
  • Buses from Paraga beach hostel to Mykonos town run every hour on the half hour
  • Plan which beach according to the direction of the wind (it was really windy while we were there).
  • If you want a omelette and decent coffee, hit up GS coffee in Mykonos town, it’s on point.

Theres a whole lot more of Mykonos to see, this is just a solid base, get out on that snail, explore the coast and see for yourself why this island in Greece was on our to do list. Any questions fire them through.

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  • A single ride the streets of Mykonos is something I think everyone likes! You can rent a machine in Mykonos and make your walks without fear for wheels?) If you again visit Greece to try Greek cuisine such as Moussaka and Stuffed, there you will see Greek flavor! Have fun!