Meet Leah & Bryn

Hey guys – its us, Leah & Bryn! We’re two Kiwi kids living a lifetime of fun!

Free & Addicted was born out of our pure love for travel and adventure. Our blog aims to get you inspired through personal adventures, travel guides and tips on how you can do it yourselves, all with colourful photos & casual chat. Long story short, we’re here to share our lives as we make our way accross the world ☀️

The adventure first began when we left New Zealand in July 2016,

heading for Europe. Backpacking our way around, we hit up some of the best festivals and had some unreal adventures through France, Greece, Croatia, Amsterdam, Spain and France. In September we then spontaneously brought a van where we spent 3 months living and surfing along the west coast of France, Spain and Portugal. #vanlife 

November 2016,

as Europe started to get chilly, we settled down in our new home of Chamonix, France. A beautiful city situated in the French Alps, known for it’s extreme activities during the winter & summer seasons. (Yes getting amongst some of this extreme shit too 😝)

2017 saw us travel to

Lake Como, London, Berlin, Provence, Sorrento, Positano, Tuscany, Florence, Croatia, Munich, Portugal and Morocco, leading us to a second snow season in the French Alps of Chamonix – our home away from home.

2018 & once the snow melted,

it was time to pack up our lives, jump back in the van and live the nomad life once again. We took the van through Germany, Belgium and around the UK before sadly selling at the end of June. No time to dwell because backpacker life was calling our names and we we were headed into unknown territory…Eastern Europe. We spent a month backpacking through Poland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania and down the amazing coastline of Albania. This was magic and totally unexpected, cheap too!

Saying goodbye to Europe was coming closer and closer as our money was running out…my visa too (damn Bryn and his UK passport). To re-think our future plans and decide what to do, we headed to our favourite country, Portugal, and parked up in the surf town of Ericiera to map it out. This was August 2018. We really wanted to keep travelling until November, so we picked a cheap destination so we could ride it for as long as possible…BALI BABY!

From August to November 2018 we lived in Bali.

A highlight of the whole adventure. We surfed everyday, practised so much yoga, ate amazing food, explored Indonesia and I worked hard on building my creative business into a full time gig. I’m a freelance designer over at Leah Sylvia Creative and have been chipping away throughout my travels on building clients and working remotely, but in Bali I worked my ass off to create a full time living.

November 2018 and we arrived back home in the motherland.

Total mixed emotions, lot’s of dept, feeling unsure about everything really, but thankful to be back with friends and family.

Fast forward to the present, 2020

and I don’t think anyone could have predicted this. We were due to fly into Brazil May 6th for a 6 month adventure through South and Central America, but I guess fate had other plans. Instead, we’ve moved into a new flat here in Auckland, we’ve launched The Store (our beautifully crafted art prints), got ENGAGED 😍😍 and recently purchased (again spontaneously) a van!!!

We have plans to spend a lot of time travelling New Zealand this year and working hard to create the perfect work/life balance together.

Life is not meant to be lived in one place, so here we are, with big dreams and a low budget, aiming to adventure our way through the next few years of our lives.

Follow our story then create your own.