Hey guys – its us, Leah & Bryn!

We’re a Kiwi couple from Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m Leah, the brains of the blog and my other half is Bryn, the better looking co-writer for FREE & ADDICTED. Together we’ll tell you tales of our adventures, give you advice on the best places around and inspire you to do it yourselves. Woohoo! 💥

We left small little New Zealand in July 2016 and headed for Europe. Backpacking our way around, we hit up some of the best festivals, had some crazy adventures and then spontaneously brought a van where the amazing times continued.

In November 2016, we settled down in Chamonix, France. A beautiful city situated in the French Alps, known for it’s extreme activities during the winter & summer seasons. (Yes we’re trying to get amoungst some of this extreme shit too.)

2017 saw us travel to Lake Como, London, Berlin, Provence, Sorrento, Positano, Tuscany, Florence, Croatia, Munich, Portugal and Morocco. Our plans for this year are simple…KEEP ON GOING!

So…who was I before this? A classic girl really. A loud, social and active Aucklander who liked to party, loved her friends and worked as a graphic designer. I now work as a full-time freelancer woo! So feel free to contact me for any graphic design jobs you may need – and don’t forget to check out my portfolio HERE if you wanna work together! I’m being inspired everyday by this wonderful world, so keep an eye out for my creations along the way.

Who was he before this? A classic boy really. A sporty, social, hell of a dude from Auckland NZ, who loved to surf, loved his rugby and worked as a Plumber. He likes to think he’s a badass with his tattoos and passion for motorbikes, but really he’s a charmer and isn’t afraid to put himself out there with his dry jokes and unique dance moves.

Life is not meant to be lived in one place, so here we are, with big dreams and a low budget, aiming to adventure our way through the next few years of our lives.

Follow our story then create your own.