How to build a snowman in the French Alps

A bucketlist dream for anyone: building a snowman, while its snowing. So…

On one snowy day in the French Alps of Chamonix, Leah and I thought we’d set off and build a snowman of our own. We’d both never given this a go, only seen it in the movies, so we were stoked (and maybe even a little surprised) that it actually worked and our new mate came alive.


Gather materials:
>> A beanie or hat
>> A carrot for the nose
>> Stones for the eyes and buttons
>> Something for the arms, we used tree branches
>> A smile shaped stick for the mouth
>> A scarf
>> Gloves (for you so your hands don’t freeze)
>> A big shovel and a small shovel
>> Most importantly, a flat spot with HEAPS of snow around

Step 1 – Accumulate plenty of snow for the base. Start by building up something solid – don’t be shy your snowman won’t be worried about his weight.

Step 2 – Continue building up, ensuring your base is firm and stable. Work in a slight cone formation, patting down the snow so its compact.

Step 3 – Once you’ve got the body to the right height (this depends on how big or small you want your snowman), flatten off the “neck area” and smooth it out.

Step 4 – Create a seperate big snowball, then place it ontop of his body. This is obviosly his noggin so give him as much brains as you want.

Step 5 – Cut out his body shapes by pressing your smaller shovel into him in a round carving motion. You’ll want two seperate shapes for the body, as well as the head. You can also choose to give him abs at this point…we weren’t that nice.

Step 6 – Smooth off his body, making him look slick in case any snowladies come along. Using your hands for this works well.

Step 7 – Add the asthetics, eyes, nose, mouth etc

Step 8 – Name your snowman. Leah and I threw some names out there and decided between Cyril or Cecil (our late Grandfathers names), plus they both sounded funny with the word snowman after it.

It’s as simple as that.

All up, it took us about an hour of getting snowy, throwing snow balls at each other and figuring it out as we went along. We’ve now ticked off building a snowman in the snow.

Give it a go on your next snowy adventure and without further ado, we present to you the newest member of our Wolfpack, Cecil the snowman.

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  • Hi guys – love your posts and pics!
    Keep them coming –
    Buzz n Di
    PS Buzz super envious of San Sebastian and surf champs –

  • I could have used this guide when I was in London a few years ago. I’d never really seen snow before and there was HEAPS of it in Hyde Park, so I decided to head out and build a snowman. Firstly, my fingers froze, I couldn’t find any pebbles for eyes, so I used pennies, and I couldnt’ find branches for arms either. So this poor snowman had shiny eyes and a stick for a mouth and that was it.

  • I haven’t build a snowman before and my next winter holiday I should try to make one! Love that you included a video in this post too! Great job!