Outlook Festival, Croatia

Now here’s a festival for all you bass heads out there. Another one to add to the bucket list for sure! Outlook Festival, set in an abandoned fort looking over the Adriatic Sea, next to the beach in Pula, Croatia. Time to get filthy, get wasted and get amongst! Click HERE to watch the Outlook 2014 highlights.


Located in Pula, this year was Outlooks 9th year, a baby in the scheme of European festys, but a hell of a baby at that. The festival itself sits right along the water, so yes this means beach parties, boat parties and swimming (not after 8pm tho) as well as tons of other stages to choose from. You have “The Moat” stage, literally in an old school Moat surrounding a castle. Then you have “Noah’s Ballroom” which was inside the fort walls and in the castle. So many more stages too, like The Void, The Gardens, The Clearing (main stage), The Stables the list goes on, it was rad! Honestly though, from the moment you arrive, you realize how much of an English festival it is. Pommys everywhere! May aswell have been in England not Croatia, but not complaining, they sure know how to party! 

Photo cred outlook.com | THE MOAT STAGE
Photo cred outlook.com | NOAHS BALLROOM

This year, we saw live performances from Andy C, Hospitality Records, Stormzy, Joey Bada$$, Noisia and more…so as you can see, the genre of music is very much english grime, drum & bass, reggae, dubstep etc. No mainstream pop here and definitely not the bass music currently being sold to children, we’re talking underground dance floor music that lets people loosen up and party hard.

Unlike SZIGET, we had camping tickets for Outlook and trust me, this is the festival you wanna camp at! You have a choice from camping in tents, boutique camping in bellepads, podpads, octopads or luxpads, camping in a mobile home, in a hostel right in the center of the campground or in your campervan on site. Us Aucklanders booked the mobile homes and did not regret it! It was well worth paying the extra money because when you’re having a bad comedown, air con, showers, a kitchenette and a bed is the only way to get you through it. Especially in 30+ degree heat. The campsite in general is wicked, such a cool vibe with the ocean right there, food stalls, a mini mart and camping stores so whatever you forget, no stress, you can buy it all there. Thank god I was in a mobile home tho because the showers are just outside ones and although some of the pommys didn’t mind getting there bits out in front of the campground, I wasn’t too keen. Not about the no electricity tent thing aye. God I’m precious. If you have camping tickets, you can stay for an entire week, which is dope because although the festival is only 4 nights, it gives you a few nights to get organised and get excited. The beach party goes off on the non festy nights so there’s always something to do if your up for a full 7 day bender.

We started the festival with a good old boat party and YUSS the crew was back together. Ruby, Char, Liv, Antonio, Bryn and I were all revved up and ready to go. Long story short, Outlook have a bunch of Boat Parties going across the 4 day festival. Artists who are performing at the festival also perform on boat parties, so when the boat party tickets get released, its a mad rush to get on a good one. Who am I kidding, they’re all good. Anyway…we ended up on the SUB DUB Boat Party, a reggae music boat, where we could jam our way through from 4:45pm-7:45pm. This was an epic way to start the festival and start the night, so if you’re thinking of going to Outlook 2017, make sure you book to do one or more Boat Parties while you’re there too!

A few highlights from our Boat Party…

  1. Charlotte flashing the boat next door every time the beat dropped
  2. Dude spewing over the side the ENTIRE TIME
  3. Chick spewing in the middle of the drinking area and ALL OVER her friend
  4. Crazy girl tossing her WHOLE drink on Bryn thinking he was secretly filming her

Sounds like a mess of a party but those were just the funny parts, the rest of it was spent dancing, yarning and chilling up the front of the boat for sunset.



Right as us kiwis do…we find ourselves a squad and we stick together. Introducing new members Dan, Harley, Nick, Jenna and Lauren, all kiwis, all GC’s and all ready to party. We spent the beginning of every night pre-drinking at our mobile home. It would start rather chill, everyone trying to pick themselves up from the night before, but before long the punch we were drinking would kick us up the ass and into fifth gear. Literally. Vodka, cider, juice, lemonade, chopped up fruit and a sprinkle of the good stuff. Sugar that is. It was the best, cheapest and easiest way to get the alcohol down night after night.

At around 10pm every night we’d roll in. Yup this is much later than SZIGET but everynight ended at 5am so the peak was always around 1am-4am. The walk from the campsite to the festival was about 15min and we spent our time people watching. So many different walks of life at Outlook. You have your free spirit, vegan, trippers, floating about spreading love. Then you have your long haired, slumped over, goth looking, drum and bass pheens who can head bang like nothing else. How cool is it that one festival can bring together so many different people?

The Clearing is the main stage and is set sorta midway between the campground and the furthest stage. We spent most our time here, purely because the vibe was rad, there was room to dance and the big names (Andy C, Hospitality, Nosia etc) were here too. We had an area, “in front of the L flag,” so if anyone took off to get drinks or roam around, this was the meeting point. Every night here was carnage and we danced our hearts out, some nights untill 6am the next morning. On the last night the weather packed in and during Stormzy, there was literally a huge storm, when the beat dropped there’s a huge lightning strike. SO EPIC!

We spent a bit of time exploring the festival too and like I said in the SZIGET blog, this is my favourite part of festivals because you come across such weird and rad stuff. The stages, like I mentioned above, are bloody awesome! So much to discover and so cool to think you’re in an old abandoned fort! You think to yourself…what must have been going on right now hundreds of years ago? Bet they’d never expect a few thousand bass heads tearing the place up now would they? Every time we took off exploring, we came accross new and exciting things, making the festival up there with one of the best ones we’ve been too.

The last day and the pack up was hard, as you can imagine. We were all absolutely shattered, our shoes were soaking wet and muddy, our clothes were everywhere, we had headaches and we felt like we could sleep for days but that’s the thing about festivals, you know full well you’ll come out of it sick and run down, but the vibes are so worth it. 100% worth it and thats why we do it really isn’t it? It makes us feel good, it makes us feel free and it brings people together. Corny, but true.

If you’re looking to go to Outlook 2017 or to get anymore info regarding the festival, click HERE for the amazing and easy to use Festicket website. Remember, if you’re like me and you love a good festival, add this to the bucket list! European summer, Croatia, music festival, honestly you can’t go wrong.


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