Paris hot spots for a couple of young travelers

Paris Paris, beautiful, sexy, totally exhausting Paris.

Our second time visiting the city of love so this time, we want to share with you something a little different.

Instead of the usual travel itineraries and personal stories,  we want to show you unique ways to explore the city, insta worthy locations and total hot spots for a couple of young travelers visiting Paris. Whether you’re a couple, a group of friends or traveling on your own, you definitely wanna get amongst this list of Parisian vibes.

Eiffel Tower twice – daytime & sunset

This one is obvs a no brainer but how and where to do it right?? Well keep on reading…

The Eiffel Tower is stand alone, the biggest icon of Paris. It’s magnificent, it really is and worth it 100% to visit both during the day and night on your trip to Paris.

During the day, on route to this masterpiece, stop in at one of the many supermarkets and wander through the park until you find a nice spot to sit your ass down and enjoy lunch. People watching is too good here, so much to look at, laugh at and experience. But also makes for some epic (and iconic) postcard Paris photographs too. If you want to experience the tower in absolute silence then get here EARLY EARLY EARLY, like 6am to have it all to yourselves. We didn’t do this because #toolazy but would make for a beaut experience without all the humans.

At night you wanna spend sundown at “Jardins du Trocadéro” for the best views. Take your dinner (we took pre-made salads from the supermarket, a bottle of prosecco, 2 champaign glasses and of course macaroons), then choose somewhere to sit down. We walked down the stairs and sat just to the right of the fountain which was magic. The lights start at sunset and sparkle for 5min, then go again on the hour of every hour until 1am/2am. So many hotspots to take pics and just feel Parisian AF here. Check them out below.

Vesper hire!

100% the best thing we could have done on our trip to Paris. Love, love loved our day hooning around on the raddest vesper scooter and one of the best ways to get into the Parisian way of life. Yes everyone here rides scooters because it’s the easiest and quickest way to get around! Paris is huge and tbh it’s so hard to fit everything into your trip! Doing it all on a scooter was the funnest, easiest & quickest way to see so many spots on our tight timeline! We booked our scooter through Left Bank Scooters and couldn’t recommend them enough – the process was carefree, making the day on our scooter that much better!

For reference, here’s our scooter route: Champs-Élysées > Arc de Triomphe > Grounds of the Louvre Museum > Shakespeare & Co Bookstore > Grounds of Notre Dam > Rue Crémeux > Montmartre (La Maison Rouge & Le Consulat are top picks + wandering this area aimlessly) > Airbnb to chill for a few hours > The Little Italy Restaurant for dinner before dropping the scooter back.

See how much you can get through on scooter? No way could we have done all this by train. Vesper hire all the way!!

The Moulin Rogue or a cabaret show

We couldn’t afford this on our own, but with my birthday right around the corner, it was an AMAZING present from my mum & dad. Lucky us! So…why is the Mounlin Rougue a Paris icon? The Moulin Rouge is said to be the birthplace of the world famous can-can dance, with its prime location in Montmatre and famous red windmill dating back to 1889! The can-can dance was originally performed as a form of seduction, the risqué dance involves high kicks by woman in unison, exposing brightly coloured petticoats and of course…oh la la…the womans legs! Risque back then yes?! The dance today is now performed in cabaret and entertainments shows around the world and is deffo a fun show to watch!

The show is something seriously spectacular, the dancers, their bodies 😍😍, THEIR BOOBS (yes most dancers have their breasts out), the costumes, staging, atmosphere, theatre and not to mention the food is such an experience and worth it if you’ve got the budget. Who doesn’t love getting dolled up to go to a show?! We’ve heard epic reviews from another cabaret show called Crazy Horse which is a little cheaper but apparently AMAZING too.

If the Moulin Rogue isn’t in your budget don’t sweat it, it wouldn’t have been in ours either! Just make sure you wander past to view the outside, that red windmill is totally a Paris icon and if you can fight the crowds for an epic snap then you’re winning #instaworthy

Sacré-Cœur for some of the best views

A spot not to be missed for those first timers looking for the perfect Paris feels. Sacré-Cœur is the huge and absolutely beautiful church on top of the hill with views of the city. The architecture is mind blowing! Everything is perfection, it’s almost spooky. Steep steps leading up to the church are filled with people eating dinner, drinking wine and enjoying the views below so get amoungst! The carousel at the bottom of the steps makes for that picture perfect shot of Paris too.

The Little Italy restaurant

Such a cool restaurant that has all the vibes (though there’s tons of these in Paris) – some friends recommended this place and we thought it was just awesome! The restaurant definitely has a “cool kid” atmosphere and the interior is pretty rad, plus it also has the perfect people watching tables right out front to remind you you’re in Paris.

Arc De Triomphe + climb up it!

Regretting not climbing this during our first trip to Paris, this one was high up on the list this time around. The Arc De Triomphe is a hugely iconic Paris hot spot. The huge arc itself is a round about at the end of the famous shopping street, Champs-Élysées. The Arc sits in the centre of 12 roads that run off it in all directions and from above (and below) the views are pretty spectacular. Thousands flock here on the daily so the best way to do it right it to go early early.

From down below, position yourself in the centre of the Arc for the best pic. So literally in the middle of the zebra crossing. We never got the shot here because we were never here early enough to fight off the masses, but I did manage to elbow my way through the crowd to get Bryn hooning past on the vesper scooter.  Ohh and of course a few other pics from each side of the Arc too.

From above, the views are pretty amazing too. Wander around the top, taking photos from every angle. From above, you’ll see what I mean about the 12 roads instersecting here, looking like a pizza but only prettier.

Shakespeare and Co bookstore & cafe 

This little space is something really special and should be right up on your list especially if you’re a book worm or love a cosy space. This unique bookstore houses books from all over the planet, thousands of different reads and even better, so many spots to curl up and read some of your own. You can’t take photos inside the actual store but you have to believe me when I say this space is magic. We spent ages wandering around, reading the backs of books and/or the first few chapters. The cafe next door was the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee in the sun and watch Paris go by.

Notre Dame church to feel iconic

A very iconic church in Paris that’s right across the way from the Shakespeare and Co Bookstore. Paris has some pretty cool looking churches, and this ones right up there. You can go in if you wish, but the outside view is where you wanna be. So many people in the area and so much going on, so again go early if you want to experience this in peace. A trip to Paris without at least wandering past and admiring this church is incomplete.

Holybelly cafe for a Melbourne style breakfast & coffee

Are you an Aussie or a Kiwi who misses that epic cafe feed and want your daily fix in wonderful Paris? Well look no further than breaky at Holybelly. A Melbourne inspired cafe in the 10th arrondissement, this is where all the cool kids hang. There’s great coffee, great atmosphere and greater food that won’t totally break the bank. After so long without smashed avo with a side of bacon and hallumi, this was AMAZING.

Montmartre neighborhood is all the insta craze

One of the most beautiful and iconic Parisian neighbourhoods and home to so so SO many picture perfect moments. Foodies, photographers, artists, travelers, influencers and people from all over the planet love this neighbourhood and I’m right on board too. Don’t be fooled by the many souvenir stalls on your way up the hill, during our first visit to Paris we actually thought these touristy stalls was all it was and couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about. Second time around and with a little more information, we found ourselves in the middle of so many bustling cafes, shops, buskers, art stands and more.

The atmosphere here is very busy but very pretty. There’s not much to do other than grab a gelato and slowly wander around. Or sit down for a coffee and watch the scenes around you, but thats’s the beauty of it all and very Parisian too. (Parisians love a good people watching session, coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other).

Ps – Both La Maison Rose and The Consulat cafes have sparked a frenzy in the insta world and these are both in Montmartre. Be sure to check them out for a cheeky Aperol or 5 and take lots of pics too!

The Louvre to snap a pic, or go inside if that’s you’re thing!

Okay you can’t really talk about Parisian hot-spots without mentioning the grounds of the Lourve right?! The Lourve is the biggest Paris museum, housing pieces of art and history from all over the world, including the Mona Lisa (which was actually super overrated because she’s the size of an a5 piece of paper). Anyway…the grounds of the Lourve, including the Tuileries Gardens is a spot not to be missed, even if you’re not going inside the actual museum. The glass Pyramid outside the museum has all the cool cats and travellers getting the perfect shot – us included.

Rue Crémeux for a lane of colourful houses

If you’re a lover of colourful houses and pretty lanes, Rue Crémeux (this is the road name) is perfect for you. Probably something you could miss if it’s too far out of the way, but we were on our vesper & thought “why not stroll through.” Sort of the Notting Hill of London, this is very cute and perfect for a sunny day stroll.

Salt In Our Hair actually just posted a rad photo on their instagram from this street – check it ✨

Le Marais op shopping, food and cool neighbourhood feels

Last but far from least, this neighbourhood is definitely one of the hippest and most creative in Pairs. Full of op shops, eateries, gelato stores, buskers, market stalls and more, the pumping heart of the neighbourhood is Le Centre Pompidou – a funky looking building housing a collection of masterpieces of modern and contemporary art. We never actually went inside, but you can see why this neighbourhood has become so electric. Spend an hour or two cruising the streets and aimlessly wandering – grab a gelato to keep you going and op shop til your hearts content.


For a big city, full of SO MUCH, this list here is just the beginning! Anyone visiting or planning to go, I urge to you seek out more hot-spots, hidden gems and insta-worthy locations to add to the list and Paris…once again THANK YOU ❣









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