Photo diary; 3 days surfing at Lake peak, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Indonesia is known to most, not only as a country with epic holiday islands & destinations, but as one of the best places in the world to surf.

Growing up, I’d dreamed of going to remote, off the grid places, where life is different and surf is PUMPING. So while Leah and I were living in Bali – I knew this was my chance. Leaving the girl to fend for herself in Canggu, myself & a crew of 6 excited legends, flew out of Denpasar airport. Our destination…Lakey peak, on the island of Sumbawa in remote Indonesia.

We arrived in Bima at about 10am after a strangely empty flight. We battled the hagglers out the front of Bima airport, strapped our boards to the roof of the car and $80nzd later, we were headed towards Lakeys. The transfer took two hours exactly and after what seemed like a lifetime of more haggling, we’d sorted out our accomodation  (Lucky Lakeys) and could really take in our surroundings.

Sumbawa at a glance…Feeling like we’d landed in the dry dessert, apart from the ocean rolling through of course, it was very different to the island of Bali. The locals watched us with worn out eyes, the kids laughed, pointed and smiled. They were friendly enough, but knew when and how to make a quick buck. It was remote scenes, very much so. An empty landscape with dry trees, not a school in sight, basic brick or worn down housing structures and all amongst some of the best oceanside in the world for surf.

Here’s what 3 days on the island was like:

5am – Surf check in the dark (can’t see anything but the froth is real)

5:15am – Wax surfboards (keeping quiet to avoid waking up the kooks next door, the less people out there the better)

5:20am – Paddle out (took about ten minutes)

5:30am – Catch as many waves as possible before the kooks catch on

6:30am – Keep getting waves as the punters start to paddle out

7:30am – Fight off the tummy grumbles for at least half an hour (only eaten reef at this point)

8am – Have a team talk and decide to paddle in for some much needed food

8:30am – Eat banana pancakes and scrambled eggs at the beach shack local. Try to enjoy the potent Indonesian black coffee too ($5 all up)

9am – Surf watch from the breakfast spot (use binoculars for a better look)

9:30am – Team talk, whos keen for another surf?

9:37am – Battle the post food coma and head home to zinc and wax up

10am – Paddle out, Lakey Peak or Lakey Pipe

10:10am – Surf session with the local groms

11:23am – Pretend to be Mick Fanning and try get barrelled (groms cant stop laughing)

12:30am – Paddle back in…slowly

1pm – Dive into a Nasi Goreng (only $2)

2pm – Find a shaded spot & lay down

2:30pm – Dream of surfing

3pm – Round up the crew for a scooter mission around the island

4pm – It’s that time again, wax up, zinc up, paddle out

5pm – Reflect on how good life is at this point (cheesy I know) & again, try get barrelled

6pm – Paddle in at dusk

7pm – Shower before meeting the crew for dinner

8pm – Fall asleep at the local restaurant (half way through eating) & decide its prob time to go

8:30pm – Call Leah for 5 mins before I completely comer out

8:35pm – Fall asleep while talking to Leah…GOODNIGHT


That’s it…the day and life of a normal surf trip in Lakey Peak, Sumbawa.

For more of a visual idea of what went on, follow the photo diary below 🤙🏼 🌊











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  • Very good Brynmor. Makes me feel jaded just reading the day in the life of Surfer Jones 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️