Story behind the print: Biker Boy In Bali

‘Can we just move to Bali?!’ Leah and I asked ourselves that question, rather more of a statement, at the end of our European escapades and damn we’re stoked to have finished our travels in this tropical destination.

Both of us had been before but this was going to be 3 months of surf, soul and revival after two and a half years of drinking and eating our way around Europe. We did Bali well, stayed at different accommodations, travelled to different spots in Indonesia, worked remotely, practised daily yoga and surfed every single day. What a life.

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One day, a friend from New Zealand who lives the digital nomad dream life in Bali, wanted to shoot some new content for his clothing brand, Lost In Nowhere. Check out his line, it’s dope and we’re proud to be apart of the journey.

——> Lost In Nowhere 

Owner Shay, gathered his team which consisted of a photographer, a videographer, three models, some surfboards, a skateboard, some Reckon Headwear hats and my favourite part, a sick little done up motorbike.

We set off for Joshua district, 30 minutes scooter ride from Canggu. We timed it for the afternoon golden hour, getting there early we had a little skate session at the local mini ramp. Directed by Shay, we created some cool content here.

Then came the fun part. “Get on the bike Bryn and ride down the road”. This was my jam, honestly I love motorbikes so much I literally loose all focus when they’re around. I jump on the bike, whack a surfboard in the board rack and start her up. Crackling away like popcorn in the microwave, I was ready to roll. In front of me, the videographer riding reverse on the back of a scooter, camera in hand and on record.

We cruised down the road, through over grown rice paddies with the golden sun setting on the horizon in the west. The smell of petrol and unfinished sewer lines added to the buzz. We rode for a while, got some epic content and from that, our Biker Boy in Bali print was born.

From the original photograph, we stuck with the same palm tree shapes and colours of our  “Surfs Up In The Tropics” print. We decided to to add some foliage to this art print as well to develop the landscape which can’t be seen in the original photo. We changed the board to a fish style board, gave it some oomph with some brighter colours (had a few goes at a few different colours) and from there, we were done!

If you love decor, surfing, bikes or anything tropical, this print gives off a vibe that shouts “ride off into the sunset, not a care in the world.”

It would look great above a bed head, inspiration in an office or anywhere in between. Hell, put it on the back of the door for the toilet so every time your looking at memes on your phone you’ll look up and think “this will be me one day”.


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