Story behind the print: Blue City of Morocco

We spent a month travelling Morocco back in 2017 and it was just incredible. So incredible that the country inspired 3 of our art prints + a few more that are in the pipeline too.

Let us set the scene…Picture stepping into a fairytale that’s entirely blue. Blue, blue, blue absolutely everywhere. And why? Many believe it brings about spiritual enlightenment, a place for hope after such hard times. Pretty amazing and even more so to see it with my own eyes.

We stayed in the Medina, the city centre, surrounded by all the blue. Wandering around, shopping, meeting the locals and finding enchanting little alleyways and roads had to be the best part about this small city. Even the dirty smell from the drains, the stray cats and the occasional dead rat added to the character of this unique city. Every local we met was friendly, asking us to visit their shop, drink some tea, the aim of the game to heckle us into buying something. This is their livelihood, selling beautiful carpets, rugs and souvenirs to tourists like us. It is chaotic but it is magical and you have to just dive in and embrace it.

This particular photo was as candid as you could get and was a really cool moment. Leah and I were wandering slowly through the streets when we suddenly saw a little rat. While following this rat with our eyes, he ran along a washing line, down the wall and across the cobble stone road and into open space. As we continued watching and laughing at him going about his day. Leah started tapping me quickly…”Bryn, Bryn get the camera.” She quite forcefully instructs me to start snapping photos of the two men that’ve come into view, just two old souls wandering the streets, passing only a few words or two between them.

We captured some amazing real and raw photography that day in the Moroccan blue city, which turned into such a great piece of art for you walls or windowsills.

We hardly modified this at all from it’s original because we didn’t have to. The original is such a magic moment, with the little black cat that it works just perfectly.


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