Story behind the print: Coconuts For You

Life in Bali, the ultimate way to end our two years abroad. An experience that changed our lives for the better, took us on the biggest self-improvement journey, taught us to look inward, to slow down, to gain perspective and gave us a creative environment to grow my (Leahs’) business into the creative studio it is today. We spent 3 months on the beautiful island of Bali and can’t wait to one day do it all again. 

So, the story behind this art print started when our incredible friend Shay, the ultimate girlboss behind Caliwoods, wanted to set up a content shoot for her stainless steel straws. Shooting with friends is so fun because you can be silly, have a laugh and the content flows authentically. Take this photo for example, I just hopped up, swung myself around the umbrella pole and gave the gang a big smile. A large coconut in hand, with the Caliwoods straw front and centre. 

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Creating this art print was a little different to the rest of our line up because I wanted the artwork to float in the centre around a white background. The background of the original image was a little boring for me so the idea of the leaves came from some of the other photos from the shoot, so we sort of blended these elements together to have the leaves overflowing from behind me. My white top became a little boring too so we actually pulled a cool pattern from one of my skirts and instead, put it on the top and I just love it! 

An A4 of this print sitting on the desk in your office, or on your draws in your bedroom adds the perfect feminine touch to your space. 


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