Story behind the print: Dreamy Sahara

Morocco, 2018. Bryn and I spent almost a month here exploring this gorgeous country. During our travels, we took a 3 day Sahara Desert tour that was well and truly an experience to remember. 

We finally made it to the Sahara’s sandy dunes after 12 hours of driving through the Atlas Mountains, small villages and long dusty roads. Our camels patiently waiting for us, we climbed aboard for the next part of our journey. 

For two hours we experienced a bumpy, scratchy but unbelievably unreal ride on the humps of our camels through the Sahara Desert. With the sun going down on the sandy horizon, the full moon creeping higher in the sky and the vast views of our surroundings were magic. We stopped a few times during our ride to take photos, watch the sunset and try sand boarding (which is hard AF by the way) and it was during one of these stops that this iconic photograph was taken.

The sandy dunes were dotted out with other tour groups on the same journey as we were, travelling through the Sahara Desert via camel to reach an overnight camp in the middle of the sand. This photo in particular shows 6 people riding on their camels, moving slowly as they make their way higher up into the dunes and honestly,  I think this has to be one of my all time favourite travel photos turned art prints. 

With this one, I knew bright oranges and pinks would create a super boho and dreamy vibe for the print. The different hues give off a gooey and creamy feel and the addition of the moon adds a touch of minimalism to set the scene and make the mind sink into pure wanderlust. 

This print pairs perfectly with our bright blue “Bondi Icebergs” print. As you can see below, these colourful and contrasting art prints light up any space. 


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