Story behind the print: Jardins Majorelle

Upon first arrival in magical Marrakech; swerving cars, busses, trucks & scooters crossed the roads as we entered the old town walls of the Marrakech Medina. Men walking with trolleys full of rugs, fruit, rubbish and more, god I can’t tell you how many people were just out, going about their life. Men riding donkeys, people carrying luggage, soccer balls flying with kids chasing behind. I could smell spices oozing from food stalls, hear laughing kids walking home from school and feel bodies of people swarming as they tried to make a quick sale. The scene around us was pretty full on I have to say, but going into Marrakech we were expecting it.

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The famous Yve Saint Laurent Majorelle Gardens is one of the most visited sites in Marrakech so we wanted to make sure we were there right on opening at 8am, to beat the crowds. 

Hardly a person insight, we were able to wander the gardens in total peace with our friends Ruby, Ben, Laura and Andrew. Filled with mostly the largest cacti ever know to man, it took artist Jacques Majorelle 40 years to create this enchanting space. 

Standing right there, in the centre of the gardens, is the electric blue Yves Saint Laurent house, in which Jacques and his partner Piere brought, along with the gardens, in memory of the original owner. Now gifted back to the city of Marrakech, it stands as a tourist hub across the whole of Morocco.

Our art print is practically an exact replica of the real photograph with me standing in the usually overcrowded lane, leading towards the entrance of the house. We really wanted to keep things real here as the YSL house is such a beautiful work of art and we wanted to showcase this.

Stacked against another one of our Morocco art prints, this is a print that sits perfectly within a busy space with plants, books and nic-nacs.


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