Story behind the print: Mont Blanc Chamonix

The story behind the photography and art print of dreamy Mont Blanc owns a little part of our hearts. We spent one and a half years living in Chamonix which is a ski resort in the armpit of France as we like to call it. For us it was all about the winter, snowboarding and skiing, working; cleaning, maintenance and nanny jobs and mostly, hanging with a group of friends who turned into family.

Come summer and things change. We decided to stay on for the summer season and luckily a few of our close friends decided to hang around too. Chamonix in summer is basically hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, BBQ’s and lots of time with friends. Oooo and lot of beers in the sun too.

The story behind this art print begins at the bottom of the western mountain range which towers Chamonix town. Starting from Argentière, we followed the hard dirt track up through the bush, eventually popping out above the tree line. With our friends in tow and a backpack full of food, camping gear and a couple of beers to celebrate, we were headed for the popular Lac Blanc (White Lake) up above La Flégère ski lift.

It was a slow, long hike with all our gear but a fun one at that. Having to climb ladders, stumble over rocks and dodge the local Chamois (a goat-antelope looking animal). We finally found ourselves (3.5 hours later) at our destination, a lake slightly lower than Lake Blanc, with a good spot to set up camp for the night. Read more about the overnight hiking adventure here.

The next morning was a stunner! So hard to describe, but luckily the photos do it justice. We hiked another 30mins to reach Lac Blanc itself and boy was the view unreal! Looking over the lake with Mont Blanc in the background, we could see a mind-blowing reflection on the water. It was like holding a mirror to the ground it was so crystal clear. Crisp and clean, not a breath of wind, we snapped a bunch of photos of the incredible scenes. This is something we’ll never forget.

Turning this into a print was pretty fun. We decided to change the colour scheme up a bit and love the result so much! Using a punchier, warmer palette with pinks, reds, blues and earthy tones – we also blurred up the lake to emphasis the way the reflection runs off the water. Framed with a natural wooden frame and hung on a wall in our living room really makes the room come to life – such a statement!


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