Story behind the print: Surfs Up In Hawaii

We were living it up in Hawaii on a Sullivan family holiday. Think looooong, lazy days in the water and on the beach. Keen for a mellow wave, Leah and I hired a couple of longboards from the local shop in Haliewa and headed for Puena point surf break.

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Yeeeew the vibes were amazing that day! We unloaded the car, threw on our togs, waxed the boards and ran down to the point to get in the water.  On the paddle out I remember seeing some friendly turtles popping their heads out of the water to say hi. For two Kiwi kids, this is an amazing sight to see.  A few different local paddle boarders, foil boarders and tourists were all out having fun in the warm water. Fun sized waves and good vibes all round, this is just everyday life in the tropics 🌴

We surfed for a couple of hours, mucking around, being silly and encouraging each other on. When the waves are mellow the energy in the water is always more chill. Hopping out of the water, I remember the salt starting to dry on our skin in the heat of the day – one of the best feelings. Damn life in the tropics is good. 

On the walk back to the car Leah spots a cool patch off the path, surrounded by palm trees and good light. Ooooop, time for a photo she says. We pass Tina (Leahs mum) the camera and get setup for a photo. Classic free & addicted style, no tripod, just another human hoping to do a good job. We try to look candid, ,mainly just Leah making a joke, me laughing and Tina clicking. Next thing you know, Boom! One of our favourite photos was created.

We both especially love this photo. The blue and orange of Leah contrast nicely with the earthy colours of me, the sky high palm trees show the tropical surroundings and our marginally average hire boards stand tall to create one hell of a story from the tropics. Its funny how we literally spent two minutes shooting this photo, a couple of retakes and an exciting idea and we’ve created our foundation art print – Surfs Up In Hawaii

We hope this helps to inspire you to travel to the tropics, hire an average at best longboard, surf the point and stand beneath the tall palms, surf with the turtles and live the life like the Hawaiian locals. Mahalo 🌺


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