Story behind the print: Wandering through Tuscany

Charming Tuscany, that’s the vibe. It really is the same Tuscany you’ve always imagined. We flew into Florence, Italy, hired a car and set off towards the famous Chianti wine district.

We stayed at a beautiful Italian farm stay called Villa Sant’Andrea. The accomodation itself sat atop a hill, accessed by a slow moving, winding gravel driveway. So iconic. Vineyards and wineries surround the rustic style accomodation and the farm stay itself produces its own Chanti Classico wine and olive oil.

Waking up every morning to the sound of birds, life there is slow paced and calm. As we made coffee with the traditional Italian coffee roaster, we would sit looking out our window to the sight of green rolling hills, long driveways, a colourful sunrise and vineyards stretching out for miles.

The complimentary wine tour (though we don’t really know much about wine) was pretty interesting, but the best part  was a gorgeous backdrop, a rock wall facing east that just oozed picture perfect Tuscany.

Up Leah jumped, wandering along the wall, playing, being silly and having fun after a few wines. Too good of a moment not to capture, I snapped a few candids and boom, one of our favourite travel photos was born.

The perfect photo to re-create into an art print, this was the second art print we created and produced. It was reasonably straight forward, adding a more picturesque blue sky with dreamy clouds and and small amounts of colour to the greenery in the background. The rest of the photo is exactly as it’s real counterpart.

“Wandering through Tuscany” really does give you an idea of what it’s like, in the charming Chianti region. This print, in your office space or on a shelf in your living room, will have you feeling a deep sense of connection to this beautiful place.

Pair with “Dancing in Positano”, for the perfect duo.

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