Introducing The Store by Free & Addicted

Kia Ora guys and girls, time for a big announcement!!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes lately, at the FREE & ADDICTED headquarters (aka Leah’s office) to bring you something exciting, colourful and full of life!


Introducing ‘The Store’ by FREE & ADDICTED.

Our mission is to inspire wanderlust through beautifully crafted art prints that tell a story, encourage adventure and breathe life into your homes and workspaces.



As you guys know, F&A was born out of our pure love for travel and adventure, our travel blog aims to get you inspired through personal adventures, travel guide style journalism and tips on how you can do it yourselves, all with colourful photos & casual chat….Now we have recreated our adventures almost exactly like their original photos, in the way of bold and colourful art prints for the home 😍

Let’s take this idea back to the beginning shall we?

Leah and I were walking along the main street in Haleiwa on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, January 2019 – check the blog here. We came across a small shop called ‘Polu Gallery’ and popped our heads in for a look. This little art studio had some incredible art pieces that really got us going. We’re not exactly art lovers but wow, these inspired us and left a dent in our wallets as we walked out with a few of our own.

On return to NZ, I just couldn’t stop thinking about this little artists studio and print shop. The quality and creativeness got my brain moving and I said to Leah “what if we re-created our favourite photos into art prints like these”. Backing up my spark of excitement she replies, “YES! Let’s do it!”

We got to work. We hired an artist to join us at F&A and got the ball rolling. Leah being the creative, was in charge of selecting the real-life photos of ours that would translate best into art prints. She worked tirelessly with our artist, art directing each print, tweaking small details, colours and deciding on the best style to move forwards with. 

After a few failed concept attempts, we finally found our style and came through with our first finished print… ‘Surfs Up In Hawaii’. Fitting, seen as the whole idea came from the Haleiwa art gallery and the original photo was taken at Puenha Point in Haleiwa.

To launch, we’ve produced 9 colourful prints that are definitely a VIBE 🤙🏼 Here you’ll see a selection of our best photos from many different travel destinations, re-created with a FREE & ADDICTED special touch to inspire connection and re-ignite a travel memory between you guys and a particular place ✨

Printed on premium-quality soft cotton etching paper with a gently textured surface.  All papers are designed for archival storage and are acid-free, making them highly resistant to ageing. The paper is also lignin-free, ensuring it will not yellow with age.

Our art prints are made to order so please allow 1-2 business days of production before we ship. You will receive a tracking number with your purchase once shipped. 


• Made to order
• 270gsm acid free paper stock with textured surface
• 12-colour Giclée printing quality
• Unframed art print with white boarder
• Ready for dispatch in 1-2 business days depending on order size
• Professional colour management systems and processes

Please note: we are trying to support local New Zealand businesses as much as we can as we navigate our ways through these strange times. However in some cases, for our international customers, prints will be sent from dispatch centres closer to where you live to save you money in shipping costs. 

Please support your local framing shop to buy the perfect frame for your colourful print.

We are also open to commission pieces, so please reach out at


So, what else can you expect?!

Well… We will be releasing a new art print to add to the collection each month. Thats 1 new print per month! I know…EPIC!!

Each print has a special back story and blog post of it’s own that we’ll be releasing over the next week, so you can really get a feel for how it came about, where it was taken, what was changed from original to print and how to make it shine on your walls. 

We’re really passionate about this new project and would love it if you could help us get the word out! So please share, tell your friends and family and if you like them, purchase one for your home or workspace!

Thanks for always being on our team! 

Peace, love & stay rad,
Leah & Bryn | FREE & ADDICTED

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